My first post!

15 01 2009

Hello, hello. Quick introduction here. My name is Kathryn Barrett. I recently started my own horse training business. I’m sure my history will be born out over this blog as time goes on. I wanted to start with a story from today. I currently own a 6 yr old Friesian-Lipizzan named First Class. I call him Picasso. He is indeed a first class horse and expects his red carpet. Anyway, during December I didn’t have time to really be with Picasso. I recently went out to rekindle our friendship. Boy was I in the dog house. He was not happy with me and basically told me to buzz off. In my desperation to fix my relationship with my long time friend (I bought him as a yearling), I searched for an answer online. I discovered the website of Carolyn Resnick. She has a method that employs the herd dynamics and psychology of mustangs. Having owned a gentled a mustang, this immediately appealed to me. I read her book and watched her DVD. Her method aligned with the way I wish to be with horses. I put her waterhole rituals into practice.

I have been doing these rituals for a week now. Only in the last few days has Picasso been interested. Today, I went out and sat in his pasture with a book. I planned to just sit with him and read. This is Carolyn’s first ritual: spending time sharing space. Just be with the horse. Don’t ask for anything. As she says in her book, horses spent their time doing nothing together and something together. As I sat in the warm winter sunshine, Picasso came right over to sniff me and say hello. He has always been a friendly dude. He sniffed my book, got mud on it, snorted in my hair, and then went off a little way to nibble grass. About 10 minutes later, he lifted his head, walked straight over to me and repeated the sniff investigation. He did this two more time. I giggled after he left the last time because it seemed like he was checking on me. We are well on our way to repairing our friendship.
Picasso Trot




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