Introducing the Paint Boys

19 01 2009

I was recently hired to tame and train two 2 yr old paint colts. These guys have been on their own for a while due to the owner’s busy schedule. They are very nicely bred horses with nice temperaments.

Paint Boy #1: Inspector Gadget
Gadget is a dominant dude. He is more forward and enjoys tackling his brother. He is mostly a bay color with some white. He has a beautiful face and chiseled nose. Gadget is fairly comfortable with pets to his nose and neck. He will be the easier to connect with of the two boys because of his natural confidence.

Paint Boy #2: Jessie James
Jessie is the more timid of the two boys. He is so far only comfortable if I am feeding him treats and will allow the occasional nose touch. He is mostly white and has a very long mane (which is currently in knots). Jessie, although the more cautious of the two, is always the first one to greet me. He will come from across the pasture when I enter the gate.

Both boys are incredibly curious and its only a matter of time before they are gentle and easy to handle. Here is a video of the boys.
(Their sister Dreamer, makes a brief appearance running down the fenceline.)




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