A wonderful day with Picasso

21 01 2009

I had a lovely day with my guy Picasso. I started out my day with going out into Pica’s pasture just to hang with him. It has been unseasonally wamr here and all of the horses at the ranch are taking advantage. Most were out in the sun. Some were napping, some were playing. I called with Pica as I came down the hill to his gate. He was down at the end of his pasture, but he started to walk up the hill to meet me. I climbed through his gate, said howdy and walked down the pasture into the sun. I walked down ahead of him while he stood in his stall at the top of the hill. When I was about half way down, he came running down behind me, slidding in the light mud to a stop right next to me. After some scratches, he dropped his head and started to graze. After about 15 minutes, he and I walked up to the gate and I haltered him. We walked up to the barn and found a friend getting his feet trimmed, Skip. Skip is owned by Brianna. We invited them to walk to the mail boxes, a decent walk to the end of our dirt road. We all walked down chatting about Brianna’s new horse, a cutie pa-tootie 2 yr old filly named Dixie. Dixie currently lives right next to the mail boxes! She is a black and white paint and so darned cute, I’ll have to get a picture of her…..

When we got back, I decided I might try riding since we haven’t done that much in a while. I decided to ride in a halter which we do occasionally. We got down to the arena and started to do some work. After some walking and trotting, I thought maybe we could canter….. Pica did bucked me off once while cantering. It wasn’t a mean buck, it was a playful buck. Anyway, I asked for a canter and he lifted up into the canter very nicely. He has to date been a bit fast and out of balance in the canter. But today he was great!!! His right lead canter was a bit out of balance. But he was so sweet and kind with me. I had a huge grin plastered all over my face.

After such a nice performance, I decided he was done, so I got off and we went back to the barn. I untacked him and chatted with the other trainer at the barn about the horse she had in for training. While we discussed the best way to reintroduce a horse to bridling, I got back on Pica bareback and allowed him to graze some. Here is a pic from my vantage point:


After some time chatting and letting Pica graze, we went back down to his pasture. I unhaltered him at the gate and we ran down the hill together into his pasture. Once at the bottom, I sat down in the warm afternoon sunshine. I sat there, staring up at Pica’s big dark eyes. He leaned down and sniffed me, no doubt looking for some form of food. After finding none, he cocked his hip and started to shut his eyes. As I sat, sheltered under his head and neck I thought of how incredibly lucky I am to have such a great bond with my horse.

Here are some pictures:

Picasso giving me a sniff

I got an itch!

Getting a smooch

My guardian




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