Welcome to Welcome Ranch

24 01 2009

Today I started training for Welcome Ranch, a Morgan breeder in Mendocino County, CA. Welcome Ranch is the home of the outstanding Robbie Sue’s Mr. Alert. What a stud…. I have been hired to start some horses, handle some foals, evaluate some “supposed to be broke” broodmares, and I get the privilege of riding Mr Alert as well.

Welcome Ranch acquired some broodmares that were said to be broke to ride. I will be testing that statement for the owners. They want to more trail riding, but neither wants to find out that said mare is not really as broke as she was supposed to be. I am very excited and honored to be training these excellent horses.

My first student is Ms Goldie!


Goldie is a 7 yr old mare Welcome Ranch has used for breeding. They would like to downsize their band of mares, so I am going to start Goldie. Goldie is a sweet, sweet, mare. I went out today to just sit with her and evaluate her temperament. I took her into the round pen and sat on a stool in the middle. She came over many times to sniff me. I then got up and stood along the edge to watch the foals playing. Goldie came over to hang out with me. Sweet Goldie is a wee bit pushy. She comes up and sticks her nose right in my face or over my arms, saying “Pet me!” When she does this, I simply move away from her. She usually follows and attempts the same tactic. I keep moving away. Occasionally I will shoo her away when she gets too pushy. When she stands politely next to me, I will reach over and pet her. I do this so she learns that if she is polite and respectful, I will stay with her. If she gets pushy and demanding, I will leave. She started to get the idea today, but she still tries her old tactic.

I next took her for a walk to see how her walking manners were. She was pretty distracted, and I wasn’t really on her radar of things to pay attention to.

I have no doubt Goldie will come around very quickly. She is a quick study and will learn respect and patience well.


She also is a huge grass hog! If there are green shoots within her line of sight, she is going!

Looking forward to a great time with Goldie!




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