10 minute walks and paddock

21 11 2009

I have been woefully delinquent in my duties as a blogger. I am just not cut out for posting regularly! Especially when there isn’t that much to post about….. since my last post, Picasso has increased his walk time to 10 minutes, and he now has a medium sized paddock! It started as a 12 x 12 paddock, but since he has been good and Tere, the vet, cleared him, his paddock is now 12 x 20 or so.

This was him in the original 12 x 12.

Still seeing the Zapper Ladies once a week.

So December 16th is the day he is allowed to have a slightly bigger paddock, and come January 1st, he gets to start the hydrohorse treadmill!!!!

I have no documentation, but last week Picasso decided to try and see just how many caprioles he could squeeze into a minute. I think he may have made a record. He just couldn’t take one step on his handwalk without striking or bucking or caprioling! It was insane! I was laughing out loud at him. He just could not contain himself! Poor guy! Luckily the Zapper Ladies saw him soon after and said he was fine. Goof ball!!!!




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