Time for an update

31 12 2009

Picasso starts the hydrohorse treadmill on Monday!!!! Very excited! We are adding some space to Picasso’s paddock. One more fence post of space. He also is going to start getting 10-15 mins of grass turnout each day… provided he behaves. I also get to start adding walk minutes to he daily walks starting Jan 1. Add 2.5-5 mins over a weeks time. More updates once we start the hydrohorse!


And the Looney Tunes continues…

17 12 2009

Today was just like any other day. Hand walk, grooming, and stretches. I was wrapping everything up and preparing Pica’s grain. I walked by him in the cross ties to go put the grain in his stall. For those unaware, Pica is a food aficianado. Obsessed! Anyway as I passed him he turned around in the cross ties! Not good. I was putting his grain down when he felt one of the cross ties over the back if his head. He thought that wasn’t right and decided to fix the situation. He pulled back a bit and adding in a small rear…. He fixed the problem.

Visit from the Chiropractor!

17 12 2009

And not just any chiropractor…… Todd Gregory works on the Olympians!

I made the appointment for Picasso because he was supposed to see Todd before he had surgery, but Todd was in town only a few days before Picasso was set to have surgery, so I saw no point to doing it then. Also Picasso will be starting the Hydrohorse after the first of the year and I wanted to make sure all his ducks (vertebrae) were in a rows. lol

I also have been concerned about his neck. Picasso has a very overdeveloped under neck muscle. I was hoping Todd could tell me if that is a compensatory thing, i.e. we can fix it with proper work, or if it was a structural defect that wasn’t fixable.

Todd started out with a tool I can only call a tiny jack hammer! It is a percussive massager. Picasso was HIGHLY suspicious, but Todd introduces the device by firt percussing his own arm while he lays his arm on the horse. He then gradually moves toward his hand so the horse feels the machine more and more. Excellent technique! After that he used the cold laser. The cold laser emits energy at a certain wavelength that helps cells heal, gets mitochondria to produce ATP, and promotes overall healing. Picasso really wasn’t sure about this and so he just HAD to investigate….

The cold laser has a power source that has a small fan in it. This minor hum had Pica questioning its safety….. So he kept a close eye on proceedings…

He had to make sure Todd was doing his job correctly…..

Todd followed the cold laser with a stim machine. It’s a ring of wire that emits electrical pulses. These pulses cause the horse’s muscles to pulse underneath the ring! Very cool and I do such a bad job of explaining what it does. Either way, Todd then did some minor adjustments to Picasso and finished up. Picasso looked so pleased and relaxed at the end. He dropped his head and started to snooze!

Thanks Todd (and Pam 😉 ) ! Great visit!