Finally… proof!!!

28 02 2010

So I taught Picasso to pick up things….and thanks to Jeriko’s quick camera skills, now I have proof!

He looks like he is begging for food!


Professional Butt Rub

27 02 2010

Today Picasso got a second visit from massage therapist Margaret Manion (scroll down for her contact info). Margaret is an excellent massage therapist. She works wonders on a horse. They are transformed. She first saw Picasso right before he went to Circle Oak. He was VERY tense around his sacro-iliac joint and his poll was completely blocked up and tight. She worked on him for an hour and finally got that poll to loosen up.

Today she said he was much better. I have been massaging him since her last visit, and she said my efforts have been helpful for him! His poll was not as tight, although there was some tension. She also said his hind end was tight but better than last time. He is also gaining more muscle. Horray! Go Picasso!

Today was the weirdest weather. The storm rolled in around 10 am, started to POUR around 11 am. Then at around 3 pm, it suddenly stopped and blue skies emerged! It was quite a beautiful afternoon! Good ole Sonoma County!

New Authors

25 02 2010

So since I can’t populate this blog with daily, thrilling, awe inspiring, jaw dropping content, I will be inviting some of my horsey friends to author posts. My friend Amanda is the first to take the plunge! Amanda is proudly owned by her mare, Motion Granted aka MG. These two are lovely together, and interact rather like sisters. Some days totally in love, other days……. 🙂 But there is a deep bond between the two, and I am very happy to have Amanda here!

Pica’s Got a Fan Club

24 02 2010

Okay – Pica’s mom has exposed me to the world of wordpress – and an opportunity to join in blogging about “My Life with Horses”. So I’ll start with a quickie post on spending an afternoon with the infamous Pica.

It was a cold and windy day when we pulled up to Circle Oak and the first thing I saw was Pica’s head hanging out of the end stall waiting for mom to hurry up and get out of the car. He has so much personality and you can always see his mind thinking a million miles a minute. His love for his person is priceless.

The rest of the afternoon I had the honor to learn the teachings of Katie and Pica – a true team of whit, intelligence, and challenges. Pica delighted me with tricks of bucket tossing and high kicks and was kind to me as I attempted to practice my ground work skills and horse psychology. There is an art to having a solid partnership with a horse and the most critical is respect. Pica and Katie are a prime model for what every owner should have with their beloved horse.

After my visit I drove straight to the barn and pulled my own horse MG out to work on our communication skills. It lasted about a minute before she turned her mare butt around and said off we thee mom! 🙂

Ms. Princess in her princess pad


Adding more rehab work

23 02 2010

At Circle Oak, Picasso has been getting progressively more “stuff” added to his rehab schedule. He is up to 45 minutes of hand walking and that means he can get 5 minutes of trotting!!!! Monday-Wednesday-Friday he goes into the hydrohorse for more time. He gets an extra 30 seconds tacked on to each session. Tomorrow he will be doing 9 minutes! We are working up to 15 minutes per session. We also have been experimenting with how to get Picasso to stretch his neck out in the hydrohorse….. I’ve been taking his Jolly Ball and dangling it in front of him and asking him to touch it. This usually results in him stretching out his neck to touch the ball. Mission accomplished! If only he would hold his head there…..

Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday, he gets to go on the Eurocizer for a few minutes. Today we tried to see if he could trot in the eurocizer, with mixed success….

He already finds it annoying to have to have his speed policed by a big metal gate… so to add to that, he now can have some energy and trot..but still be policed by the big bad gate. We pumped the eurocizer speed up to trot speed cause he was so excited he was trotting a the walk speed. (eyeroll) So after increasing the speed, nothing really got better. He still crammed himself up again the lead gate, head straight in the air. Lovely….. Megan is going to experiment with when to trot him in there, i.e. after 15 minutes of hand walk, in the afternoon, after he gets his calm and cool. He seems to be quieter in the afternoons anyway, so maybe all of that will help is calming him down. After he stopped trotting, we let him walk for a few minutes, and he FINALLY did a nice long and low walk. I think he was tired.

Picasso is also getting as much turn out as weather and his boredom will allow. So far he has been averaging 1 hour per turn out. After about an hour, he gets bored of grass and starts to play. But yesterday he did a whopping 2 hours!!!! It was sunny and warm, and he was in heaven. Then the horse in the neighboring paddock began to run and he joined in. Party time…. over…..

He is starting to get some more muscle across his back and hind end! Yeah!!

Time for an Update

13 02 2010

So Picasso is progressing through his rehab at Circle Oak. He is under great care there and I am really happy with his situation!

So my vet went to a big vet conference a couple weeks ago. She was able to talk with 7 other vets who were either bone experts or stem cell experts. The concensus she got was Picasso should get another infusion of stem cells into the joint. So just a basic sedation and joint injection. The vets also recommended using Tildren.  Tildren is a bisphosphonate, a class of drug that regulate bone metabolism. Basically, bones are always being built and broken down. The osteoblast builds, the osteoclast destroys. I think in humans, every 10 years you’ve got a whole new skeleton. So the Tildren stops the activity of the osteoclasts, allowing for more bone to be layed down and not broken up. Tildren also seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect on bone tissue.

This drug is given IV slowly diluted in saline. It can cause colic, so usually Banamine is given as a preventative. Pretty much every vet I have talked to that has used this stuff thinks the world of it. It’s been used in Europe for years, but is not approved for use in the US yet. So to get it, my vet has to make a special request through the FDA. She’s given it before, so shouldn’t be an issue.

Picture post later.