Time for an Update

13 02 2010

So Picasso is progressing through his rehab at Circle Oak. He is under great care there and I am really happy with his situation!

So my vet went to a big vet conference a couple weeks ago. She was able to talk with 7 other vets who were either bone experts or stem cell experts. The concensus she got was Picasso should get another infusion of stem cells into the joint. So just a basic sedation and joint injection. The vets also recommended using Tildren.  Tildren is a bisphosphonate, a class of drug that regulate bone metabolism. Basically, bones are always being built and broken down. The osteoblast builds, the osteoclast destroys. I think in humans, every 10 years you’ve got a whole new skeleton. So the Tildren stops the activity of the osteoclasts, allowing for more bone to be layed down and not broken up. Tildren also seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect on bone tissue.

This drug is given IV slowly diluted in saline. It can cause colic, so usually Banamine is given as a preventative. Pretty much every vet I have talked to that has used this stuff thinks the world of it. It’s been used in Europe for years, but is not approved for use in the US yet. So to get it, my vet has to make a special request through the FDA. She’s given it before, so shouldn’t be an issue.

Picture post later.




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