Professional Butt Rub

27 02 2010

Today Picasso got a second visit from massage therapist Margaret Manion (scroll down for her contact info). Margaret is an excellent massage therapist. She works wonders on a horse. They are transformed. She first saw Picasso right before he went to Circle Oak. He was VERY tense around his sacro-iliac joint and his poll was completely blocked up and tight. She worked on him for an hour and finally got that poll to loosen up.

Today she said he was much better. I have been massaging him since her last visit, and she said my efforts have been helpful for him! His poll was not as tight, although there was some tension. She also said his hind end was tight but better than last time. He is also gaining more muscle. Horray! Go Picasso!

Today was the weirdest weather. The storm rolled in around 10 am, started to POUR around 11 am. Then at around 3 pm, it suddenly stopped and blue skies emerged! It was quite a beautiful afternoon! Good ole Sonoma County!




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