Tildren on its way…

7 03 2010

My vet let me know that the Tildren was en route a couple of days ago. So that means it should be here within a week! I have been a little leery of my decision to use Tildren given some of the potential side effects… But I have had several conversations with people who have used it and all have been pleased. One woman I found has a jumper gelding who had the exact some cyst (type wise) that Picasso has! She gave her horse Tildren last year and he is back to kicking butt as a jumper. Tildren isn’t used as often for bone cysts, but it clearly worked for her. Let’s hope it works for us too.

Picasso is up to 5 minutes or so of trotting. We’ve been letting him do this on the Eurociser. But I wasn’t real pleased with how he crowded the gate so much… basically neck inverted, prancing a long.  He didn’t do this every time, but enough. So today I thought maybe I could lunge him on big long ovals and get the exercise done that way.  I let him warm for several minutes to loosen up. He began trotting and all was fine until he upped his trot to a bigger trot. Then it was apparent he was still very asymmetrical. Not lame, but not even…. Kind of a let down…. He is pretty even at the walk now, but not always. I am sure part of the shortening is from his tight hamstrings. When massaged, they do loosen up and he walks evenly… But what is causing his hamstrings to be tight….

Hoping the Tildren will fix that…..

Fingers crossed everybody!




3 responses

8 03 2010

hi there…just curious where your guy’s cyst is? I am considering using Tildren on a cyst and would love to hear how it goes for you. Mine is a 15 year old KWPN dressage horse, the cyst is in his LF fetlock. He is pasture sound at this point but still quite off at the trot.

8 03 2010

Hi Natalie. I will let you know how it goes. Hope your horsey gets better! I’ve heard of one other horse who had cysts and did very well with Tildren.

8 03 2010

Forgot to say his cysts are in his stifles, bottom of the femur.

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