Tildren Today!

18 03 2010

Picasso began getting Tildren around 12 pm today. He was sedated and heart rate, temp checked to ensure not reaction. My vet Tere Crocker gave him a few vials diluted in a bag of saline to see if there would be any reaction before giving him more. All was well, so he got the rest and ended up using 2 one liter bags of saline to administer. He did very well.

I stayed with him until about 7:30 pm to ensure he wasn’t going to colic. Still a chance of it occurring over night, but when I left he had a heart rate of about 36 beats per minute, which was normal for him. So I am pretty confident he will be ok through the night. He attacked his dinner and pooped a couple of times, providing that at least for now, the digestive tract is still in gear. Fingers crossed no complications over night!

The Tildren will take a little while to have an effect. Some say one month, some say 3-4 months. Time will tell. But most people who have used it call it “magic.” We could use a little magic…..




5 responses

19 03 2010

I had to search for tildren on Google because I didn’t know what it was.

HOW EXCITING that this could help Picasso! I am now glued to your blog, please keep up with the updates, I want to hear everything that progresses!

19 03 2010

YEAH! A follower! I will definitely be keeping up with the posting. Picasso did well last night, no colic or anything. 🙂

3 10 2010

Well, how is the patient today? Did the tildren work?

5 10 2010


So far so good! We are integrating more and more canter. He seems to be handling the increased work very well.

I have been very neglectful in keeping up with my blog. 😦 I will post an update soon.

Thanks for the interest! I would definitely recommend Tildren!

13 10 2010

Would love update. Our horse was just given Tildren for bone cyst in his shoulder.

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