No side effects so far

19 03 2010

Picasso did well last night. The owner of Circle Oak Ranch, Ron, went out and checked on Picasso around 8:30. Said he was quiet and had good gut sound! I went out to see Pica this morning for a shortened hyrdohorse session (did 7 minutes, taking it easy for a few days), and he seemed great! Now when we first started the hydrohorse, I was told that eventually horses get to the point where upon coming out of the hydrohorse they are all jazzed and excited. We have reached that point. Picasso comes out charging and usually has to be restrained. Then once he is hosed off he is usually led to go graze. On the way over, he gets quite acrobatic… Today, he had to go back to his stall while they mowed the paddocks (why the are mowing when they have free grazers was puzzling lol). So he was mighty miffed and not going out IMMEDIATELY. He was striking and trying to push me in the direction of the grass. I told him to knock it off and it out right defiance and angst, he pulled quite an impressive rear! Cheeky….. Sorry no pictures of it. 😉

Here are a couple of pictures of Picasso being “cheeky” before we went to Circle Oak. I love this first one because he and I are in sync with our steps.

This is quite an impressive shot. Not sure how he managed to bend that way, but he did…..




One response

20 03 2010

I am glad he is feeling good enough to be a bad horse. 😀

The increased energy is a really good sign of the healing; Phoenix did the same thing the other day (snorting, prancing and flagging his tail like a stallion) embarrassing since everyone at the barn is giving us the “geez can you control your gelding already?” look… but the heck with them, he feels good and he wants to let people know. 😉

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