27 03 2010

Oh my gosh, I can’t stop grinning! I got Picasso out this morning and planned to do some lunging and endo-tapping followed by a short ride. Now when I say lunge I don’t mean on a circle. I usually have him just stay on the arena edge and we go around that way. He isn’t really supposed to lunge on a circle…. Anyway, I spent the time tapping him here and there to see what responses I would get. Concentrated on getting his head low and stretched out, stepping deeply from behind and using his back correctly. After about 15-20 minutes of this, I bridled him and got on.

Right there, oh wow, his back was round! It was such a nice feeling to know the tapping had paid off! We walked off and I continued to tap him while we rode. By tapping the inner shoulder as it extends, I can influence the opposite hind leg (because it is just leaving the ground at that point). This article has a good diagram of the horse walk. He responded very well but lowering his head, lifting his back and stretching out his stride. Still working on getting him to actually tilt his pelvis to REALLY reach under, but it’s a work in progress. I was so tickled with his progress and his relaxation.

Good boy Pica!




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