Endo-tapping video

28 03 2010

Been experimenting with endo-tapping. Here are some of our results.

It seems that Picasso has better rides, is more relaxed and stretches better after he has had 15 minutes or so of lunging and endo-tapping. Kinda cool!




One response

29 03 2010

THANK YOU for posting this! I am sure it is a hassle to video tape your session but it is invaluable for people like me who have never seen endo-tapping in action.

What are your before/after notes on it?

I noticed towards the end you got a spot on PERFECT headset, and I remember a former picture that he used to evade the bit by overbending, is that one of the benefits?

I would think that all that wonderful bending low with his neck creates a calm and well stretched horse (especially along the back?). Are his gaits smoother after endo-tapping, or is this more for help with soundness?

Inquiring minds need more info!! 🙂 😀

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