Picasso wants to be a paint

21 04 2010

On Saturday I decided to give Picasso a bath. Figured he could use one…. Big mistake. After returning him to his pasture, he promptly rolled good and hard. Ground that dirt in there. Clean side

The dirty side

Now for the fun! So on Monday, he went into the hydrohorse. I was not there. Tuesday I went to see him, and he had done more decorating…

Today I went out because it was another hydorhorse day. I go over and say hi to Picasso. After a few minutes of scratching his nose, I look down and see his left front fetlock is bleeding! What the hell!!! I take him up to the wash rack and hose it off. One of the Circle Oak staff comes over, and we clip it to see what is going on. Neither of us can figure it out. It’s oozy, bloody, and raised. Doesn’t immediately seem to be anything recognizable.

I proceed to clean him all off. During his de-mudding, I use my shedding blade to get the caked mud off. On a pass down his right front leg a whole chunk of hair comes off!!! What the hell is going on here!

We decide to shave this section too and discover it is quite large!

After getting both areas cleaned up and after some texting with my vet…. we all conclude this is mud fever!!! He did not have it Saturday, and the Circle Oak staff swear he didn’t have it Monday…. hmmm……..

So poor Picasso is locked in his stall for a few days until the mud in his pasture dries up some. And he is getting his sores cleaned and treated with an antiseptic every day. Great just what I needed 4 days before I graduate!!!!!

After more discussion, we came to the conclusion that hydrohorse + bath + wet weather + mud rolling all contributed in a perfect storm to give him mud fever. So he is restricted from the hydrohorse for at least a week depending on how fast these things heal…

Oh and I shaved off all his feathers just for good measure…


Ride and shine!

15 04 2010

This week, we are up to 25 minutes of walk and 4 minutes of trot. The last couple weeks have been busy for me as I prepare for my final business plan presentations and GRADUATION!!!!! But back to Picasso….

I have yet to have consistent training with Picasso, nor a consistent trainer. But I cliniced with a great trainer last year named Manolo Mendez. Manolo is a Spaniard living in Australia! He used to be the head rider for the Royal School of Equestrian Art. He is in California 2-3 times a year, but I needed help today so I asked my friend Pam, a long time Manolo student, to come down and give Pica and I some pointers. She took pics too!

We started out with trying to get Picasso to stretch down and out in the walk. As noted above, he has a tendency to want to curl. Need him to stick his nose more out.

Much better, nice reach too! We walked around working on straightness. Pam caught my tendency to use my left rein therefore causing Pica to brace. We have this little game and have trained each other well. But now I know his game…. I’m wise to his antics……

On to trot! a whole 4 minutes! 2 minutes each direction. He did pretty well!

Nice and long and low. He has good reach under, but he is on the forehand. I asked Pam about that… Basically, he’s a stone cold greenie. First we gotta get his muscle structure correct, good back, flip that neck muscle over. Once he’s got a good long and low frame, we can add some more contact and the lift in the withers will follow.

Pica is a trick to ride. He has a habit of curling…. he is very good at evading…. little monster. So as seen above, he will curl. I then drive him forward to get his nose back out again. We also talked about Pica’s habit of positioning himself like a giraffe. Pam is pretty sure it’s habit for him. So there is hope!!!!

Go Picasso! I am so thrilled to be riding again and he seems to enjoy it too. 😉