Hokay…. doing better now

8 05 2010

So my vet came out on Friday morning to check out my gimpy boy, and wouldn’t ya know…. he was sound! She checked out both the front right and the rear left. We ultrasounded the front right and found no tears. Just a possible irritation of the tendon sheath around the suspensory. But nothing major. Then the rear left had some adema and he was sensitive, there was a bit of focal heat in the foot which leads us to believe it is probably an abscess. Phew!!!! We have slightly reined in his exercise, but only for a week or so. No trotting. But I get to ride! Woo hoo!!!

So I am so incredibly relieved that he did not tear anything. I would have been devastated. Truly devastated. But he didn’t, so we’re doing better now….

Our repertoire now includes icing or cold hosing both legs each day, some bute, and wrapping. He does get to stay out in pasture as long as he doesn’t run around like a fool. 🙂


He is trying to put me into an early grave

3 05 2010

So Picasso being Picasso. Today he was set to be picked up from Circle Oak and taken back to Wine Country Sporthorse. He was standing tied in the sun drying from a morning hydrohorse session. As it got warmer I moved him into the shade and retied him. I left to go over to the barn office to wait for Annika to come get us. When she got there I showed her where to go and found Picasso with his right front left over his lead rope. He looked quite calm about it so I unhooked him and he was fine. Then I checked his legs. Guess what. The right front leg was slightly swollen. Joy oh joy.

Now back at WCS he has been cold hosed, iced, poulticed, and wrapped. What a great homecoming.