What’s he doing now?

19 07 2010

Alright alright, I feel hopelessly off the wagon and have not kept up on my blog… Very bad me….

But Picasso is doing rather well! We are riding 5 days a week, up to 20 mins of trot, 40 mins of riding total. I lunge him for 20 mins or so to warm up, then we’re off! He is now, as of TODAY, allowed to canter 2/3 of the arena both ways…once…. 2 days a week and only if he feels nice and even. Go Pica!

We are working on accepting a contact and staying steady. Picasso is a master of evasion, either curling, inverting, or pretending to be on the bit…. He has the most wiggly neck too, so we’re working on keeping that neck straight between his shoulders.

He was recently a participant in a photoshoot, so I thought I’d share some pics. Thank you Marcie Lewis!!

Mmm mmm mmm, he’s such a stud!

Such a handsome horse….

And finally, mama love. I was in no condition to be photographed, so thankfully I am only HALF in this shot.