Horses I’ve loved….

**This page is under construction**

I unfortunately don’t have pictures of all of them… but might be able to scan some and add later.

First it was Lajowna (Lahona), a beautiful seal bay Morgan mare. Lajowna was a mounted patrol horse before I got her, and she was good at it. We went on trails a lot! She was a good first horse… slightly challenging my skill level without causing me permanent damage. I sold her to a woman who sadly did not treat her well. And there was nothing I could do! That woman, thankfully, gave her back to the original breeder, who was local. He bred her for a couple of years but then his business folded and he sold all his stock. Several years later, I tracked him down and found who he had sold Lajowna to. I got in touch with them, and I happily discovered she was well loved and was being used as a lesson and parade horse!

Next I got Velvet, a grey hanoverian-TB. Velvet loved to jump. She would actually veer towards a jump if you weren’t paying attention. I had Velvet for a year or so when she tore her front left suspensory tendon 75%! I started her 9 month rehab. About 3 months in, my trainer at the time found me a new dressage horse, Hobbes. The owner of the facility where he was stabled offered to buy Velvet, finish her rehab, and then sell her. At the time, this seemed like a good idea. I got the new horse, my Velvet would be taken care of, and all win! Right….. I did sell Velvet to this woman and she was supposed to spend 6 more months rehabbing her. She spent 3 more months and then decided that was plenty. Again, nothing I could do…. I never was able to track down where Velvet went after they sold her….

Hobbes was a great big bear of a horse, a pure holsteiner standing 16.2 What a love. I rode him through the last years of high school and into college. We competed in jumping and dressage. While I was in college, he went lame one day and it was discovered that he has ringbone! I though that was the kiss of death for us. Nope, the vet down in San Luis Obispo where I was going to school said “No problem….” What?!! He used shock wave therapy on the ringbone, and voila! No more ringbone! Seriously, it was gone, gone, gone! I had Hobbes for several more years after that. At one point, I was studying marine mammals and sent him to my trainer for her to use as a lesson horse and if she could find a home for him. She didn’t find a home for him, and after watching Seabiscuit on the way home from a trip, I wanted my horsey back! I went and got Hobbes. But by now, I wanted a smaller, more maneuverable horse to ride. Hobbes was a love, but he was HUGE! In comes Picasso! I sold Hobbes to a family friend for their daughter to show him as a hunter/jumper. After a couple of years, I heard they had sold him! They never told me, just up and sold him through a broker!!! I was devastated! I have not yet been able to find him…. I ran into a friend from college and she said she saw him at a show in the East Bay Area. Anyone know of a Hobbes, or Hobson’s Choice. Big bay with a blaze and 3 white socks!!!??? (I will post a photo….really want to find him.)

I next bought my first youngster, Picasso!

I learned a lot from Picasso. He was an impish, cheeky guy, and I fell in love with him pretty early on. I bought him as a yearling. Here is a video of his life, practically, from the day I met him to last year:

About 2 and a half years after getting Picasso,  and after hearing about the plight of the American Mustang, I went out and adopted a wild one! What an experience. I named him Rowdy Yates and he was amazing. He re-taught me all I thought I knew about horses. He taught me patience, humility, and trust. Such a great horse.

I sold Rowdy right before I graduated from UC Davis because I had no time anymore! I sold him to a great girl who jumps him and does endurance with him! She is very gracious in keeping my updated on his progress.

While I still had Rowdy, I wanted to try breeding a nice sporthorse. Should have kept my nose out of breeding, but I was young. I leased a beautiful palomino Azteca mare named Dia. She was an interesting character. Very opinionated and dramatic. But it was mostly an act… lol

I bred her to a friesian stallion I knew quite well, Abacus Uno. She produced the unendingly beautiful Selene. I sold Selene to a great woman named Heather who still loves the pants off her, and thankfully humors me when I email for an update.

After Selene was weaned, Dia went back to her owner and has since produced another beautiful filly.

So the only horse I still have is Picasso, and he is plenty for me right now. I would like to get another mustang eventually…. Some day soon I hope. 🙂


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