New Authors

25 02 2010

So since I can’t populate this blog with daily, thrilling, awe inspiring, jaw dropping content, I will be inviting some of my horsey friends to author posts. My friend Amanda is the first to take the plunge! Amanda is proudly owned by her mare, Motion Granted aka MG. These two are lovely together, and interact rather like sisters. Some days totally in love, other days……. 🙂 But there is a deep bond between the two, and I am very happy to have Amanda here!


Pica’s Got a Fan Club

24 02 2010

Okay – Pica’s mom has exposed me to the world of wordpress – and an opportunity to join in blogging about “My Life with Horses”. So I’ll start with a quickie post on spending an afternoon with the infamous Pica.

It was a cold and windy day when we pulled up to Circle Oak and the first thing I saw was Pica’s head hanging out of the end stall waiting for mom to hurry up and get out of the car. He has so much personality and you can always see his mind thinking a million miles a minute. His love for his person is priceless.

The rest of the afternoon I had the honor to learn the teachings of Katie and Pica – a true team of whit, intelligence, and challenges. Pica delighted me with tricks of bucket tossing and high kicks and was kind to me as I attempted to practice my ground work skills and horse psychology. There is an art to having a solid partnership with a horse and the most critical is respect. Pica and Katie are a prime model for what every owner should have with their beloved horse.

After my visit I drove straight to the barn and pulled my own horse MG out to work on our communication skills. It lasted about a minute before she turned her mare butt around and said off we thee mom! 🙂

Ms. Princess in her princess pad