Things are looking up!

30 03 2010


Picasso will officially move out to a stall with an attached pasture on the 1st of April. He has been grazing in this pasture for a month or two now, but NOW he gets to live out there full time! The Circle Oak staff were a bit weary about letting him out, as was my vet. Everyone was rightfully concerned about Picasso pulling some weird move and hurting himself. That is always a risk with pastured horses. But I just knew Pica would continue to be kind of a jerk the longer he was stalled. Yes, my dear, sweet, loving, gentle Picasso has been kind of a wanker lately…. But today we experimented with having him out for longer. I thought he might be a little looney…. but he turned out to be rather mellow the whole day even with the raging wind. We started in the attached stall where he was given his grain. The stall walls are made of upright tick “sticks”. Basically 2-4 in diameter “branches” that have been cut to be even and layed side by side to make the walls. These “sticks” are strapped to metal bars. Ok I suck at describing this, just look at the photo.

The whole point of telling you how it was made was to tell you that he was pretty nervous. The wind was whipping through the opening between the sticks. Plus stuff was falling around the neighbors property and the geese where honking a lot. He couldn’t see anything of this and it made him nervous.

Enter endotapping! I got my endostick and tapped him into submission! Just kidding. I did tap him into relaxation. He was still concerned, but post tap he would stand still instead of circle the stall. His breathing slowed and he as more relaxed. I then let him out and he just sauntered out. Very nice. Anyone interested in endotapping, please comment and/or email me. I’d love to share the knowledge!

So he was out all day! And he was great. He actually was very sleepy by the end of the day. Nice. Now that it is pouring rain and the wind is whipping outside, I am glad he is back in his stall in the barn. 🙂

Also got the all clear from the vet, the gracious Tere Crocker, that we can add 5 minutes of walk and 2 minutes of trot to our riding regime EACH WEEK!!!! Woo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!


Endo-tapping video

28 03 2010

Been experimenting with endo-tapping. Here are some of our results.

It seems that Picasso has better rides, is more relaxed and stretches better after he has had 15 minutes or so of lunging and endo-tapping. Kinda cool!


1 03 2010

I have been experimenting with endotapping lately. Endotapping is a technique for inducing relaxation. It is best explained by JP Giacomini at the link above. Anyway, I have been trying it out on Picasso and according to Margaret Manion, massage therapist extraordinaire, it seems to be providing a benefit. He is less tense. That could also be from my massages as well. Either way, I see the change in Picasso when I tap him. He initially resisted as most horses do. If you think about it, he has held his tension for so long, it probably hurts to release it. But now he is really letting go a lot. Drops his head, BIG yawns, small sighs, and an overall body change. Today I got him to be practically asleep!

His eyes were fluttering to stay open…

Now trying to experiment with tapping in motion to increase his range of motion….