Horribly Outdated

26 10 2010

Yes… I know…. I have been serious BAD about updating my blog with Picasso’s progress. I should be whipped…..

But here is an update: SO FAR SO GOOD!!!!!

Picasso has been steadily increasing his workouts the past couple months. We added in cantering and are doing pretty well!

In a recent lesson with Emily Giamonna, we experimented with a shorter rein. I have been riding Picasso long and low in an effort to get him to use his top line correctly. But either due to my lack of skill or some other variable, I have been unable to accomplish this… One theory is that his underneck is so well developed, which he did in his spare time…. that even in a long and low position, he is still using it…… Hmmm…. In the photo above he is still using that underneck…..

So how are his cysts?? So far, not a problem. I believe the combination of stem cells and Tildren have shored up the weakness… at least for the workload we have been doing. We have been doing 15-20 minutes of lunging, followed by 10 mins walk, 10 trot, 15-20 of trot with a smidge of canter. That’s about a typical day. I also mix in hill work.


Tildren Today!

18 03 2010

Picasso began getting Tildren around 12 pm today. He was sedated and heart rate, temp checked to ensure not reaction. My vet Tere Crocker gave him a few vials diluted in a bag of saline to see if there would be any reaction before giving him more. All was well, so he got the rest and ended up using 2 one liter bags of saline to administer. He did very well.

I stayed with him until about 7:30 pm to ensure he wasn’t going to colic. Still a chance of it occurring over night, but when I left he had a heart rate of about 36 beats per minute, which was normal for him. So I am pretty confident he will be ok through the night. He attacked his dinner and pooped a couple of times, providing that at least for now, the digestive tract is still in gear. Fingers crossed no complications over night!

The Tildren will take a little while to have an effect. Some say one month, some say 3-4 months. Time will tell. But most people who have used it call it “magic.” We could use a little magic…..

‘nother chiro visit

16 03 2010

Today, Picasso saw his sensai again, chiropractor Todd Gregory. Todd used his gadgets to fix my little Picasso. Pica was of course suspicious of these new fangled gadgets, so he observed Dr Gregory quite closely, and inspected all equipment before allowing him to use it…..

And after Picasso was so relaxed he was dizzy, MOM got an adjustment! So nice to have a relaxed back again. But what was most memorable was Pica’s eyes when Todd set up the table. “What the hell are you gonna do to me now?” But when I got on the table he was even more intrigued!

He was very confused as to why I was on a table and getting contorted in all kinds of odd positions. Goofy horse….

In other news, Tildren came and will be given to Picasso on Thursday. Wish us lots of luck!

Tildren on its way…

7 03 2010

My vet let me know that the Tildren was en route a couple of days ago. So that means it should be here within a week! I have been a little leery of my decision to use Tildren given some of the potential side effects… But I have had several conversations with people who have used it and all have been pleased. One woman I found has a jumper gelding who had the exact some cyst (type wise) that Picasso has! She gave her horse Tildren last year and he is back to kicking butt as a jumper. Tildren isn’t used as often for bone cysts, but it clearly worked for her. Let’s hope it works for us too.

Picasso is up to 5 minutes or so of trotting. We’ve been letting him do this on the Eurociser. But I wasn’t real pleased with how he crowded the gate so much… basically neck inverted, prancing a long.  He didn’t do this every time, but enough. So today I thought maybe I could lunge him on big long ovals and get the exercise done that way.  I let him warm for several minutes to loosen up. He began trotting and all was fine until he upped his trot to a bigger trot. Then it was apparent he was still very asymmetrical. Not lame, but not even…. Kind of a let down…. He is pretty even at the walk now, but not always. I am sure part of the shortening is from his tight hamstrings. When massaged, they do loosen up and he walks evenly… But what is causing his hamstrings to be tight….

Hoping the Tildren will fix that…..

Fingers crossed everybody!

Time for an Update

13 02 2010

So Picasso is progressing through his rehab at Circle Oak. He is under great care there and I am really happy with his situation!

So my vet went to a big vet conference a couple weeks ago. She was able to talk with 7 other vets who were either bone experts or stem cell experts. The concensus she got was Picasso should get another infusion of stem cells into the joint. So just a basic sedation and joint injection. The vets also recommended using Tildren.  Tildren is a bisphosphonate, a class of drug that regulate bone metabolism. Basically, bones are always being built and broken down. The osteoblast builds, the osteoclast destroys. I think in humans, every 10 years you’ve got a whole new skeleton. So the Tildren stops the activity of the osteoclasts, allowing for more bone to be layed down and not broken up. Tildren also seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect on bone tissue.

This drug is given IV slowly diluted in saline. It can cause colic, so usually Banamine is given as a preventative. Pretty much every vet I have talked to that has used this stuff thinks the world of it. It’s been used in Europe for years, but is not approved for use in the US yet. So to get it, my vet has to make a special request through the FDA. She’s given it before, so shouldn’t be an issue.

Picture post later.